‘What’s that smell?”


Posted by orlamooney | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on March 22, 2022

In science we have been exploring the five senses that our bodies have. On Monday we focused on our sense of smell. We talked about some of our favourite smells and we also gave our least favourite smell which caused alot of laughs!! We learned that smells travel through air into our nostrils and then our brain decides if we like the smell our not. We learned that some smells are soft and others are strong.

We carried our a ‘smell jar’ experiement where we have to smell six different jars which each had a different scent and figure out which jar was which. The scents were soap, coffee, vanilla, peppermint, perfume and orange. The peppermint was the easiest to recognize with soap and perfume being hard to tell apart!

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