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Posted by orlamooney | Posted in Junior Infants | Posted on March 7, 2022

As part of our SPHE programme we have been talking about all the different emotions that we all experience. Each week we focus on a different emotion. The aim of this programme is to let children know that all feelings are ok and that all feelings do pass. Over the last month we have focused on one feeling each week and had a discuss about a time we felt that emotion, what to do if we are experiencing a big feeling e.g. if we are feeling an sad we can tell someone, have a hug or have a little cry. If we are feeling angry we can try our ‘sliding breath’ technique where we breath is slowly counting to 4 and then count to 4 as we breath out again. We have also drawn pictures in our sphe copies
Here are some of the songs that we have listened to:

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